Bidden day #5

time so far: 35 hours

For some reason I thought it was Thursday today. What luck!

Still avoiding gameplay by making intro and help screens. I’ve also been messing around too much with stuff like UI and game input structures. However tonight I’ve been getting more messy and loose, and progress is accelerating. The screens above are the basic outline of a single play through. All I have to do now is add everything else!


3 comments so far

  1. HED on

    Hey great progress so far. I know how it feels to “procastrinate” on gameplay and coding/doodling the UI instead.

    Good luck!

  2. jice on

    Promising so far… Keep up the good work.
    The help screen is too transparent. Increase its opacity !

  3. georgek on

    Good point jice, thanks for the comment.

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