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tinytalk 008: Javelin talks with Amberyl

Here’s the latest tinytalk episode, with two of the big names in MUSH history talking about how Amberyl got started, her new game, indie RPGs, Ayn Rand, and the future of MUSH. Worth checking out.


the basic bookcase: Prelude to Foundation

If there’s one thing I can say for classic SF, some of it really sucks.

What were these people thinking? Prelude had about two interesting ideas, one of which, the concept of psychohistory, isn’t really an idea but more a gimmick. The second, the Mycogenians who claim an authentic 20,000 year old historical record. It had about one good scene, where the Mycogenian raindrop gets extremely freaky with Seldon’s skincap — and it’s later revealed that this is just a put-on.

I can admit that Asimov is a grand old man of the genre. That’s all.

Bookcase worthy? hell no.

P.S. I do remember the Mule from the later (i.e. earlier) books in the series to be a really interesting character; on the other hand I read those Foundation books when I was 13 or 14, so who knows. I’m going to skip the other Foundation books for now and move on.