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Narrative Designers assembling

I came across, which is a newish forum/wiki/resource for people working in narrative design. Seems to be mostly people in the AAA industry, and perhaps those from art and academia as well. It’s always struck me that these folks work in something of a walled garden so it’s nice to see a public-facing community site take form.


game chef

There’s this RPG contest called Game Chef. But it’s not really a contest. Well it is a contest, but it is a contest in the same way that putting 50 artists into the same city block of some slightly economically depressed but very livable city and giving them the means of collaboration, production, and distribution would naturally become some kind of a contest, but also would become something else and maybe wonderful.

Anyway, the games are done. So many games!

gaming skills

Just wanted to highlight a thread at Story Games on gaming skills (may require registration — totally worth it). Excerpt:

Supporting another player by taking a back seat once in a while: We really can give another player a big boost, even by just knowing that they have the trait, BAD-ASS Swordsman and acting a bit in awe of their skill rather than being a flippant jerk.

Also just sitting back at times and letting the conflict that you know is important to a different character play out, while still having a part and adding your bits to the mix is a real balancing act, I think.

digital propp

Courtesy of a link at Fair Game, a simple Proppian fairytale generator. I’ve been thinking about joining things like this, the Abulafia generator, and IF in some way.

Propp fairy tale generator

Silver Sky, second go

I’ve been re-reading Spirit of the Century, thinking about Road to Amber, and looking at the sketch for Silver Sky I have here.

I’m sure at this point that I want to ditch the homebrew rules for SS and replace them with SotC.

SotC is not a rules-light system but what would be seriously cool would be to code a SotC engine for MUX and just let the players go at it. Every player is a potential GM. Minimum of staff judges. The world grid is not one city, but in true pulp spirit players can globe trot from crazy location to location. If Dirk Danger is in Istanbul but his friends are in the Congo, he just grabs a plane and he’s there. It’s all for color. Players can either fully customize their character at startup or go with the quick start and stat them as they play. Throw in some Thrilling Tales of Adventure-esque plot hook chain building for players to grab onto and discover, but all character sheets are public. All help files are in Mediawiki and all BB stuff is on a SMF forum linked to the wiki. Just forget about how things have been done.

Road To Amber

is rocking it lately:

54 players logged in, 54 unique, 71 record, no maximum.

And one of the RtA designers has some thoughts about this growth.

BUT ONLY IF in the blood-hair bow is the key to finding Dabih…

So it is simply fantastic, I’ve started a game of Polaris via IRC. We have our characters up on this Google doc. Only three players, as one had to drop out, unfortunately, but three in fact works superbly, as speeding up play is of the essence in IRC. Polaris also is well suited to the text chat medium.

A sample from the log — I hope to get the whole thing cleaned up soon —

Heart: Yad draws back, a deep frown forming on his face. “Girl…where do you hail from? Tallstar?” He pushes his winter cloak back over his right shoulder.

Mistaken: “I don’t know.” the girl mockingly spits out. she starts to get up from her game, staring at Yad judgementally. “Where were you when your daughter dissapeared? Huh?”

Moon: The girl looks more and more like Yad’s wife, when she was little.

Heart: Yad’s face twists in a mask of agony. “I…I was in the Library, girl. She left without a word. No one said they saw her go. Have you seen her, child!”

Mistaken: The girl’s face twist into a bittersweet smirk, and she seems to have an odd kind of pity for Yad “That’s what I thought. You always had to get away. You couldn’t stand it either. Now I had to find a place to be by myself, and now you have to be lonely.”[…]

Mistaken: The girl fiddles with her bow, removing it, but its revealed that it is not made out of any natural red material, but black hair, dyed red with blood “Maybe we could play together sometime?”

Mistaken: She hands the blood-hair bow to Yad as a present

Heart: Taking the blood-hair bow in his hands, Yad’s eyes widen in horror. “Witch!” he snarls, and in one fell motion, his starlight sword sweeps through the night air and cleaves the girl’s head from her shoulders, spraying black blood over the snow.

Mistaken: BUT ONLY if only when the girl’s black blood spew out did Yad know for sure that she was a Mistaken.

Heart: BUT ONLY IF in the blood-hair bow is the key to finding Dabih…