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Once more into the…

Another year, another IFComp.

A little disappointing to see 14 fewer games than last year. A little bit of a let-down that TADS 3 is sorely under represented.

GTA recently had a round-up post for interactive storytelling, and it was interesting to contrast this with a recent thread in RAIF, ‘On Halo 3 and IF’. Yes to more awesome IF. Yes, I would love to see slicker, snazzier IF interpreters as well. Yes to more multimedia. Yes to making the reading experience a pleasure. Does this mean it becomes a ‘graphical adventure game’? No. Do I want to play Indigo Prophecy now? Yes. Will I ever buy, borrow, or steal this game? I wouldn’t rule it out. Our neighbors loaned us their PS2 about a year ago (incidentally, they’re now in Vermont for a year, giving me plenty of time to acquire IP in some fashion, legitimate or otherwise).

But back to the IFComp. My second time judging, and I will at least try all the games. I mean, Ghost of the Fireflies? That game sounds awesome.