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The Story of N

What can IF authors and mud builders learn from stick figure physics, levels, roaming mindless drone robots, and a 50s cold war gray on gray aesthetic?


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learn about MUDS

(another move from a page to a post)

A mud (Multi-User Dungeon) is a multi-player game in a virtual world. Most muds are text muds, although most players play graphical muds (like World of Warcraft). Almost all of the things I talk about here have to do with text muds. Why? Simply put I don’t play graphical muds.

OK, back to reality, check out these sites to learn about muds:

The Mudconnector

Created in the mid 90s The Mudconnector now has over 1800 muds listed, as well as forums, articles, and resource links.

Top Mud Sites

Similar to The Mudconnector (TMC) except Top Mud Sites (TMS) displays a mud list by ‘ranking’ (i.e. votes cast) more prominently than TMC.

Mud Magic

Kind of the love-child of TMC and TMS (though technically MM pre-dates TMS…figure that geneology out). MM also hosts muds, contains a code repository, and hosts other helpful tools.


Similar to MudConnector, but with rather more contemporary features, and a download repository.


A higher signal set of forums, focusing more on mud design and development, started in 2005.

The Sourcery

A wiki about mud development and administration with a lot of good resources. Also the host is quite a funny man.

Electric Soup

Similar to TMC and TMS but Electric Soup focuses mostly on servers that are tinymud derivatives.

What the heck does that mean you ask? It’s not important that I explain it all right now, so suffice it to say that you will find a lot of similar information on ES as you will on TMC but the types of muds you find there will be different. I’ll leave it to the reader to explore the differences.

Erwin S. Andreasen

The personal homepage of Erwin Andreasen, you’ll find a lot of good mud resources here.

Richard Bartle

Richard Bartle’s archive of ‘formal texts’ about muds, mud research, magazine articles, he’s a developer of the original MUD (from the late 70s!), one of the first muds around (there were in fact others).

help get (moved)

Just moving this off a page and into a back-dated post.

Well, lucky for me the insanity was temporary. I recently logged in (or tried to anyway) to the Mudconnector list of all muds with a custom codebase in English. My mission: to see what kind of command parser each base features. My method: ‘help get’.

Probably not the most scientific of methodologies, but nevertheless I persevered. Below are the results. First a brief explanation of my categories.

N/A: either web-based muds, P2P muds I didn’t want to register for, or muds I just couldn’t access for whatever reason, including the mud that sent me to a ‘names’ web page and rejected about twenty of the names I chose as unacceptable. Now that’s dedication.

Inaccessible: connection refused or timed out.

Standard: basic get , and get from .

Developed: a few more riffs on get, including variations on getting multiples of items.

Advanced: parsers that allow for variation, like switching object and indirect objects, or complex commands using many verbs.

Unique: really advanced, no really.

OK, here’s the list:

Aegis, Alienation, Galactic Conquest, HighVelocity Paintball, HolyQuest, JTrek, Kingdoms3, Legends of Terris, Revelation, Rillaspora, RPG Basement, ShadowHunter, Starlane: The Arcturus Game, Ugas Daos, Unwritten Legends, Warhammer MUD – Wolfenburg, Federation, Cosrin, GemStone III

Anime Mayhem, Aalynor’s Nexus, Archaeon: The Third Age, The Banished Grounds: Legacy, Beyond Despair, Cardea, Conquest, Covenstead: Land of Shadow, Cryosphere, Dawn of the Ages, Dragon’s Gate, Dragonball Arena, Dreamstone, Duelrealms:Turf Wars, Eleuthria, The Forgotten Ages, Forgotten Legacy, Ghost Hokkaido, Inferno RPG, Lands of Delusion, Last Embrace, Legacies, Quark, Scions of Meridian, Shadow Realms, SpringMUD, Survivors, Void, The World Called Hollow

IRE muds (Achaea, Aetolia, Imperian), Buffy, Evarayn, Age of the Throne, Ages of Eternity, Akanbar, Alter Aeon, Alternate Universe, Anarres II, Avalon: The First Age, Avandoria, Banished Lands, Bourbon and Blood: New Orleans by Night, Core, Dragon’s Den, Dragonball Z: Reality, Electric Sheep, Elysium RPG, Epoch, Forgotten Realm, Gate, Ground Zero III, InsomniaMUD, Ironstone, Ishar, Lost Dragon Chronicles, Materia Magica, Muds and Dragons, New Worlds, Nightmist, Promage, Rock: Crashed Plane, RockTwo Revisited, Threshold RPG, TriadCity, The Twilight Reconquista, UrMUD, VerminMud

Achelon Stargate, Chalacyn Nights MUD, Skotos (Castle Marrach, Grendel’s Revenge), LegendMUD, Medievia, Nodeka, Perilous Realms, SneezyMUD

God Wars II, MUD2 + MUDII, MUD (sadly, I’m not joking)

Unique: none

Some muds are not ‘custom’, but feature actions and verbs just as nice if not nicer than custom bases. These include: Accursed Lands (LP), […this is a work in progress]

Building blocks II

Last post defined quests as dramatic situations, next up is:


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