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IF tshirt redux

Cross-posting this from RGIF…

So in an attempt to tidy up the basement (you know how it is) I came across a box of…

IFComp in Public tshirts!

That’s right, the infamous tshirts from IFComp…2006? 2007? Whatever, one of these hot little t-shirts can now be yours.

Check out the tshirt:
IF tshirt

These American Apparel tshirts are black cotton, in a variety of sizes, from woman’s small to men’s large, with a sweet IF design by the artist Sarah Bergman (

Quantities are extremely limited! I accept Paypal, personal check, or money order. Email me at georgeolivergo at yahoo to arrange orders. Prices, including shipping by priority mail, are at cost and as follows:

In the U.S.:

1 tshirt: $11.50
2-4 tshirts: ($9 x [number of tshirts]) + $5.00
4+ tshirts: contact me for details.

Outside the U.S.: contact me for details.

Be the only one on your block (heck, in your entire city? country?) with an IF tshirt! Help me make a dent in my basement! Everybody wins. Thanks.

georgeolivergo at