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game chef

There’s this RPG contest called Game Chef. But it’s not really a contest. Well it is a contest, but it is a contest in the same way that putting 50 artists into the same city block of some slightly economically depressed but very livable city and giving them the means of collaboration, production, and distribution would naturally become some kind of a contest, but also would become something else and maybe wonderful.

Anyway, the games are done. So many games!


Guy Debord’s Kriegspiel

This is pretty brilliant. Thanks to falling down the rabbit hole at Pacian’s cantina and ending up at A Slime Appears I found Guy Debord’s game Kriegspiel. Yeah, that Guy Debord.

He wrote a wargame in the late 70s, and after a couple of editions through the years, it’s now been reproduced as a free digital game by R-S-G. Wow!

study in IF + digital narrative

Vacation. More fun than should be stuffed into a single word. Vacation should be several words long, really.

flashback on 90

There is a lot of information out there for someone who wants to put together an independent/self-directed study in IF + digital narrative, including (I’m always looking for more):

Dennis Jerz’s Studying Interactive Fiction.

Michael Mateas’ 2004 Georgia Tech syllabus for LCC 6317, Interactive Narrative.

see also Brian Magerko’s post-2004 syllabus for same.

Janet Murray’s 2001 LCC 6317 Interactive Narrative at Georgia Tech

compare this with Janet Murray’s 1997 syllabus for MIT 21W765/21L49, Non-Linear and Interactive Narrative: Theory and Practice.

and the 2004 21W.765J / 21L.489J / CMS.845J Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice at MIT led by Kurt Fendt.

not to mention the 2006 21W.765J / 21L.489J / CMS.845J Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice led by Beth Coleman.

Nick Montfort’s 2003 sample syllabus for a workshop in IF.

Aram Zucker-Scharff’s previously mentioned independent study Interactive Storytelling: Creating Content for Convergent Culture, Games, and The New Storytelling (PDF).

Laura Mandell’s 2006 syllabus for ENG495.D Narrative and Digital Media at Miami University of Ohio.

Lori Landay’s 2001 syllabus for Theory and Practice of Digital Narrative.

A search of RAIF will turn up a few threads as well, including class on if at UGA, and class on if (update), the sequel to the former. The professor of that class, Stephen Ramsay, kindly provided the syllabus for that class to me, and I’m working on getting that into viewable shape (it’s currently in XML).

note: WP doesn’t let me upload CSS or XML, so here’s a hack with both files in one ‘doc’ file — just open it with your text editor, and paste the two files into separate XML and CSS files, or style the XML as you wish. Sorry, the CSS styling is very basic, and I don’t know XSL!

XML and CSS for ENGL4890 syllabus

I have some ideas on starting a co-op study with anyone that’s interested but nothing concrete yet.