Bidden day #4

time so far: 30 hours

Yes it’s true…only three more days to go…still no goals, conflict, character advancement or content. But I made a lot of title screens!

Really I couldn’t resist. The above example is a kind of mash-up from messing around with ascii-paint, the wonderful tool by priomsrb. I did get some other things done — I’m on my way to a structure for a menu, state switching and so on. I have a feeling though that I’m avoiding some of the harder things by doing these things that are, really, not totally necessary to making a functional game. I think it’s OK in the end though, it’s kind of like a mid-term break, and it should add to the overall experience (assuming I have something playable to experience!).

Still with the goal of a playable run-through from start to finish — would like to get that done by tomorrow night. Then Friday is work all night to add things and release.


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