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when you meet the code, kill the code

It’s 2:45 am…I’ve been working on this for the last 6 hours:

import re
import string

l = string.lowercase
u = string.uppercase

def fun(delta, s):
    r = re.compile(':(.{%s})(.*?):' % delta)
    p = r.sub(r'\2\1', ':%s::%s:' % (l, u))
    m = string.maketrans(l + u, p)
    print s.translate(m)
s = raw_input("What is the string? 
delta = raw_input("And by how many places do we change it? 

fun(delta, s)

(looks like WP’s sourcecode tags are broken, but imagine a closing quote and parentheses for the raw_input functions there)

I learned a lot about regexps and list rotations in the course of this, 80% of which I didn’t know before…however the canonical solution for the same problem here can be done in half as much code. And probably less than that (actually, not probably — definitely — like in one line depending on the language). The idea is to use slices. Slices! If I had known…but now I do.

Anyway I’m still learning the syntax basically, but it’s a lot of fun.

Oh yeah…the idea is to aim toward making a Python roguelike. (!!?!!)


excited like the wolf

What can I say, 10 of the books arrived today all at once.

Lone Wolf books

20 minutes. Five sellers. One credit card. 25 years of nostalgia.