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Building blocks

Most muds categorize many elements of their world by type, such as terrain sector. What if you wanted for whatever reason to categorize all world elements by type? I’m going to start with…


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Learn Sub Rosa in 1 minute!

I’m posting the idea outline for Sub Rosa mud, as I’ve moved on to other things, and I’d like to see the information placed in the networked ether and not just the nether spaces of my laptop.

Sub Rosa:

a MUD of social warfare

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Inform 7 Public Beta….whoa dude.

The much anticipated (by the IF community anyway) Inform 7 is officially in Public Beta:

So far the comments in fall into three camps: “I can’t get [abc] to work with [xyz]”, “yeah this looks neat but it’s really not that great”, and, “dude….WTFOMG!!!”

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