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Silver Sky, second go

I’ve been re-reading Spirit of the Century, thinking about Road to Amber, and looking at the sketch for Silver Sky I have here.

I’m sure at this point that I want to ditch the homebrew rules for SS and replace them with SotC.

SotC is not a rules-light system but what would be seriously cool would be to code a SotC engine for MUX and just let the players go at it. Every player is a potential GM. Minimum of staff judges. The world grid is not one city, but in true pulp spirit players can globe trot from crazy location to location. If Dirk Danger is in Istanbul but his friends are in the Congo, he just grabs a plane and he’s there. It’s all for color. Players can either fully customize their character at startup or go with the quick start and stat them as they play. Throw in some Thrilling Tales of Adventure-esque plot hook chain building for players to grab onto and discover, but all character sheets are public. All help files are in Mediawiki and all BB stuff is on a SMF forum linked to the wiki. Just forget about how things have been done.


don’t erase with errata

Rather than revising the last post with mechanics revisions and updates I’ll put them in new posts.

Goal: An achievement the character strives for. Example: assassinate the mayor of Seattle.

Goal: An achievement the player strives for. Example: my character will die a spectacular death.

The mush is consent-based, but in the event that players want to judge a conflict with dice, players do this:

1. roll a d10.

2. add bonuses. Ability ratings give: good +1, elite +2, legendary +3. Prop give: special +2, rare +4, unique +6.

2. add bonuses. Ability ratings give: good +1, elite +3, legendary +6

I realized that the original bonus spread did not work well with how much it actually costs to buy good, elite, and legendary abilities.

the basics

Here is the foundation of many of the posts that will follow; I need it here to refer to later.

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