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God Wars 2 mushclient plugin

Regular mushclient:

Mushclient + plugin:

Here’s the update thread on the GW2 forums. Remember to create an /images folder in the Mushclient directory, and use the latest Mushclient (not the stable download) — get that Mushclient here
. And of course, if you don’t know already, information on connecting to GW2 is over here.

I think it’s refreshing that GW2 is moving in this direction. GW2 is kind of like Dwarf Fortress in that it’s an amazing game somewhat burdened by its interface, but it doesn’t even have the retro ASCII niche appeal going for it. I like how the plugins can enhance the experience while still allowing things to work gracefully for those who don’t want or need them, especially those with screen readers.

Once (if?) GW2 gets a one-stop bundled mushclient + plugin download going it’d be great to write a TIGSource post on it.