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from T3 to I7

For the last year or so I’ve been messing around with TADS 3. I like it a lot. At the same time I was avoiding I7 — I had downloaded it, I even have it on my shortcuts bar, but I wouldn’t look at it except for when an interesting question came up on RAIF and I wanted to play around with the code. I was convinced that T3 was the language for me.

However in the last few weeks I noticed something — I wasn’t going back to my T3 game. So I started looking more at I7 — and now I’m hooked.

Part of the reason for the shift is, and I think it’s internally hard for me to admit this, but I just find I7 easier to use. I’m not a programmer, and it’s just harder for me to write in T3 language. I like the language. And one of the reasons I initially turned away from I7 was I looked at some of the I7 code and just found it horrid to read. But…

  • I like the T3 Workbench, but I like the I7 IDE more — again, probably because I’m not a programmer.
  • I read through the I7 manual chapter by chapter. This sold me more on the language.
  • I want to write games people will play on mobile devices — it seems like zcode is more widely ported, and will be in the future.