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Am I the only one getting tired of people, who criticize IFComp games for their lack of depth, gameplay, story, characterization, posting their ‘reviews’ as if they were blank verse — you know,

Liked the opening…what’s with the cat? OK, another guess-the-verb. Writing competent, implementation could use some work…

Maybe it’s just me. However when I looked at my IFComp journal it looked pretty much like that. So I’ll spare you another bucket of dross masquerading as critique. Instead here are my top ten games (compare to the top ten voted).

  1. Legion, 8.3
  2. Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, 8
  3. Mobius, 8
  4. Madam Spider’s Web, 7.6
  5. Floatpoint, 7.3
  6. Unauthorized Termination, 7.3
  7. Requiem, 7
  8. Xen: The Hunt, 7
  9. Primrose Path, 6.3
  10. The Bible Retold 6.3