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abandon_screen011Last weekend I participated in Ludum Dare #14. Forty-eight hours later my first game was born. While it was a great time I didn’t really get everything into the game that I wanted to, it was more of a prototype of the concept. I had worked about 16 hours on the game altogether but also got a normal night’s sleep on Saturday, which probably was a good thing.

Too busy to both start playing the other (121!) entries and do a post-compo release, I chose to start playing games, and worked only about an hour on the game during the week. However last night after another eight hours or so I got things to a point where I was ready, and this morning I managed to bundle some executables.

So here it is. I can’t say I’ve cut the umbilical cord or washed off the amniotic fluids. There aren’t really any instructions. I had an idea and I hope I expressed it in the game. The theme of LD #14, by the way, was Advancing Wall of Doom.

the post-compo release

recommended (Windows .exe in tar.gz, about 4MB)

the post-compo release (Windows .exe in .zip, about 9MB)

the post-compo release (.zip, you will need Python and pyglet installed, about 1 MB)

the original compo release (.zip, you will need Python and pyglet installed, about 1MB)


2 comments so far

  1. Pacian on

    Whoa, really nice aesthetic to this. And very solid overall.

  2. georgek on

    Thanks Pacian, I’m happy you had a chance to play it.

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