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I admit I don’t play many muds anymore for lack of time, but there are a couple of new muds in development that I keep my eye on and play when I can. It’s rare to find well-made new muds these days, but here are two:

Archons of Avenshar

Avenshar is a solo effort by Sean Lucas’ RuneFire Studios. Rare for the mud genre it’s played solely in a Flash client, with accessible gameplay and a great UI in my opinion. Sean is doing some interesting things here and it’s well worth checking out.

Maiden Desmodus

Developed primarily by Wade Gustafson and Matt Adcock of The Binary Forge Ltd, Maiden is a very promising new mud. You can create a character currently and join the forums and so on, but it’s not yet open for regular play.

If I had to pick one mud to play that combines roleplay and goal-oriented play, it would be this one. A few months back I had a go at building for Wade and Matt but unfortunately I flaked out due to an overload of commitments. I’m hoping that once it opens though I’ll be able to drop in for some casual play and perhaps some building if it works out.


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  1. Matt on

    Thanks for mentioning Maiden Desmodus and I’m glad you liked what you’ve seen so far. Our release schedule has slipped a little (don’t they always!) but we should be open for a public beta within the next 4 weeks or so. Hope to see you there!

  2. Sean on

    Thanks, also, for mentioning AoA! Version 2.0 of the client is being frantically worked. I certainly hope folks will be pleasantly surprised. 🙂 No release schedule as of yet, though, as I am all too familiar with Matt’s note regarding slippage.


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