a micro mud?

Inspired by a recent thread at MudBytes I’ve been thinking about what it would take to put out a small, playable, fun mud. I slimmed down an idea I’ve been sketching on recently and this is what I have so far.


You, a champion warrior, fight for dominance within a dark and mysterious castle prison.

* every character gets a home room which you can’t lose.
* you win control of new rooms.
* you have one stat, dominus.
* you’re ranked on a leaderboard by (number of rooms won) * dominus
* you find wards to use battling other players, and to set as defenses on rooms.
* wards are single-use and usually have a timed delay.
* when you win a number of rooms greater than dominus, you reincarnate.
* when you reincarnate you wake in a new room, all of your won rooms lost. Your dominus increases and you can use new kinds of wards.
* every character has two powers, direct and indirect (those are the actual powers; I need a better term here), and can be either pure or in one of three warps, twisted, reversed, or inverted (recycling an old RL idea here).
* When you use a ward, which power you use and your warp state determine the effect, so each ward has eight permutations (two powers X four states). This counts for wards you set; your current warp and power selection determines what the ward will go off as when triggered.
* every character can have one piece of gear that will affect ward effects in some way.
* as your won rooms approach max dominus, your chance to warp increases. You warp in order, so pure -> twisted -> reversed -> inverted.
* once warped, you may revert to a prior warp, or push to a higher warp, using warping wards.
* the more wards in a single location, the higher chance of wards going off with unpredictable results.


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