on the banks of the O-rontes

I just wanted to highlight a rather interesting MOO-like project I came across on Github, Antioch. According to the readme,

Django-powered, standards-compliant web interface using Bootstrap, jQuery, REST and COMET

Sandboxed Pure-Python execution enables live programming of in-game code

PostgreSQL-backed object store scales to million of objects and provides transactional security during verb execution

Flexible plugin system, highly scalable messaging using RabbitMQ

I can’t say how far along it is but it looks pretty impressive. The author’s name, Phil Christensen, rang a bell — and then I realized that Phil (a rather interesting fellow himself) was working on txSpace (a cool Python MOO-like) a few years ago, and that it seems like Antioch is the next iteration of txSpace. Nice!


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  1. Travis on

    Less of an on-topic post and more of a note that I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts since I started coding for an old LDMud in 2010 and take some heart in seeing your blog active again.

  2. georgek on

    Thanks Travis. I checked out your blog, you have an impressively massive looking project on your hands! 🙂 I didn’t see it listed on planet-muddev though, you could send them a note to add it.

  3. philchristensen on

    Ha, just found this post through the new GitHub. Thanks for checking out antioch, I swear I’m going to stop re-rewriting it long enough to put up a demo server.

    Even though MUDs rarely need to scale, I’ve been putting a lot of time into making antioch highly scalable, supporting a full relational database, and queue-based communication that should allow really huge worlds with many simultaneous users.

    I’ve recently replaced a janky home-grown jobserver in the core of antioch with a nice Django/Celery-powered one, which should make the verb engine substantially more reliable, as well as reducing code and dependencies, thus making it a great deal easier to install.

    Stay tuned, if you wait out the huge stretches of inactivity, bursts of development like the one going on this weekend may be the reward 😉

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