New ideas?

A couple of new mud projects have sprung up this year. PlainText is a QT-backed C++ core with JavaScript scripting. The author has made good progress on a web-based OLC, see his thread at Mudbytes for more.

I think development on Lampost started at roughly the same time. Lampost is a Python mud framework with the start of web-based OLC. The author of PlainText has posted in Lampost’s thread at Mudconnector so with any luck we’ll see some collaboration between the two projects. It’d be great to have a reusable web-based OLC or even a common mapping standard.

Matt Adcock, the creator of Fmud and original coder of Maiden Desmodus is pondering new game ideas according to his Twitter feed. Sean Lucas, creator of the fun in-stasis web-based mud Archons of Avenshar, is rewriting that game. I dare say those two would make for a killer mud dev team.


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