Jeff Lait is kind of my hero.

Have you seen a hundred people gathered in one spot? A hundred people
is a lot of people! If you, as one person, can make something a
hundred people enjoy, is that not an amazing achievement in itself?
Especially, as often in roguelikes, that the hundred people aren’t
just friends and relations pressured into “enjoying it”, but instead
random individuals with theoretically better things to do.


I would never advocate intentionally limiting your audience. You had
expressed dismay that a game had only reached 10,000 people, however.
While we can all likely agree it would be better to reach 100,000, it
isn’t necessary. And one shouldn’t feel dismay.

Turn it around – there are only so many games *you* can play in your
life. So how many people can expect to have you be a player of their
game? In some ways it would be tragic if all games hit 1 million
players, for that would mean there would only be a few thousand
games! Us humans are way too diverse to limit ourselves that way.


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  1. best MUD on

    the first MUD i ever played only had 12 people and it was a ton of fun. now i play Achaea which has 350 – 500 average and i dont think i can play a “small” mud again

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