Bidden #8

I didn’t get back to Bidden until last Thursday (at least according to the commit log, I might have done a couple of things before then), but between Thursday and today I’ve:

* added levels and level switching
* added a datastore to make it easier to make new things after I’ve loaded everything in from level files
* added a basic animation system (X-com style with turn-based)
* tweaked the level generator a little to make it look nicer (to me)
* added a stairway driller to this generator
* along with the stairway added stair exits

For this level generator (the temple) the stairs work a little differently from a typical RL — there’s one stairway created (so far), and all the stairs are connected. When you walk over a stair you automatically descend/ascend, and are put in the middle of the staircase. At the top and bottom level you can’t go up or down anymore of course. I might change this to use an ascend/descend command, but I’m leaning toward not at the moment.

Ran into obvious but for a while insidious bug (aren’t they all) where the stair exit move event handlers were all firing, because I wasn’t modifying the event data packet properly…

I’m finding it’s very important to have a standard way of handling event data for each event handler. Better yet, I should standardize that somehow in something that takes care of that automatically. I don’t think I’m quite there yet though. With the pieces I have now there’s enough to hammer on to get things tight before I start to add much more.


2 comments so far

  1. roguewombat on

    I never did find a place to download / test Bidden… was drawn back here by a spam comment in your Bidden day 1 post. ; )

    Anyways, just thought I’d comment that I’m reading through the Bartimaeus Trilogy right now, and you might find ample fodder for game ideas in there. It’s an alternate history of Earth where magicians control various kinds of djinni, imps, afrits, etc. to do their bidding. Good reading!

  2. georgek on

    Looks cool! I added it to my library to-read list. I did like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel and it sounds like it’s in the same vein. .

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