Bidden day #7

total time: 54 hours

Well it’s 10 AM, up all night, and it’s rather shocking given the time spent, but I didn’t finish. The still warm entrails are here:

You’ll need Python 2.6 and Windows to play (I use the word play very loosely). Linux shouldn’t be that hard but I’m not sure if I have the correct DLLs in the zip — you’re welcome to check it out though to see (I did include some .so DLLs, so maybe that will work).

I got to the point where the player had a goal, but really no gameplay. I spent a lot of time messing around with programming and obscure code structures, where I should have ruthlessly simplified/hacked things to get the gameplay vision in place, since I had a very clear idea of where I wanted to go. On the other hand I’m definitely pleased to have spent so much focused time this week (more than twice what I’ve ever done for Pyweek or Ludum Dare). A lot of the time went to basic programming tasks, which will speed up with practice I think. In general I feel like I’ve crossed a hurdle of some kind in making stuff.

In any case, I’m still very into the Bidden idea, so I’ll continue working on it until it’s fully realized.


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  1. Pacian on

    Even if you didn’t finish it, at least you started it. 🙂

    And it is surprising how ruthless you have to be to get even a small idea done for a tight deadline. I think a good hint that you need to pare things down is if you’re still working on the engine late in the game, instead of making content for it.

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