Bidden day #3

time so far: 26 hours

The mockup slowly wrenches its way toward a real game. Believe it or not, up to this point in my programming self-education I had never touched procedural map generation — always working with hardcoded maps while doing other things. Luckily libtcod makes all of this fairly painless. I can’t imagine doing all of this from the ground up as some entrants are doing!

The above is a simple binary-space partition, with the borders of the rooms walled in, and then tunnels dug from room to room (somewhat randomly). I’m quite relieved to have made this milestone actually, as I was worried it was going to be a major stumbling block. I think I’ll be able to produce a rougher ruin map, and a twisting labyrinth map, in similar fashion. Of course it’s an open question if I’ll have any content to fill those maps with!

Basic movement and collision is in of course, and along with that and the level generation a proper code structure for the map as well.

I spent a bit of time with generating a template for title creation — if you look in the header you’ll see a partial example of that. In the story of this world there are many groups and factions, forming in every which way, and I hope with the titles to add some of that flavor.

Wrangled more with the json saving and loading — found since everything is unicode in json I need to convert symbols to str before printing with libtcod. It’s turning into more of a cost than a benefit, but one of my goals with this project was to give json a go, and I’m certainly doing that!

My long weekend is over, and it’s back to the dayjob Tuesday-Friday. Hopefully I’ll have some extra free time during the day this week, otherwise I see some long evenings ahead. My goal now that I have the basic structures is to get a playable run from start to finish, even if this just means the bare minimum of content required.

Almost double the number of entries this year compared to last year by the way — incredible!


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  1. roguewombat on

    You’re definitely piquing my interest in libtcod. I’ve always done my stuff in FreeBasic, so I haven’t had chance to check it out, but I just might sometime soon. I’ve only done procedural dungeon generation once, and I really like the result as it’s really similar to the original Rogue generation, but the maps feel dated compared with more modern Roguelikes. As I mentioned in that review, Brogue has really set the standard high in my mind for dungeon generation…

    My 7DRL entry is bypassing the whole issue by placing the player above ground. : P

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