Bidden day #1

time so far: 8 hours

Nothing playable yet; just created a mockup in libtcod after making some notes and sketching out the code structure with Leo. The extent of my design:

I had the basic idea a couple of weeks ago and I figured the rest out in the notebook this morning. You play a bidden, a creature brought into a fantasy world to fulfill the wishes of the summoner.

In trying to keep this simple, yet still interesting and a roguelike, I’m planning the following:

* summoners bind you to a task, either to hunt (kill something), to seek (get or activate something), or to bear (deliver something).

* these summoners represent groups of different interests in the game world, but this aspect will be largely cosmetic.

* tasks take place in a terrain (valley, mountain, desert, cave — mostly cosmetic), and a place (tower, ruin, temple, labyrinth, slum) that influences what creatures are encountered (elevated, ancient, divine, beastly, mutated).

* Your bidden can wield one weapon and wear one piece of armor; these will be somewhat unlike conventional weaponry (in a cosmetic sense), and generated.

* Your bidden can have two boons (powers), with one active at a time. I have six boons planned, three each for combat and movement.

* Your bidden also can be warped. Each warp changes the active boon. I’ll have two warps, so counting the unwarped state, there are 18 possible powers. Particular victories and items/locations create warps.

* all attacks hit automatically, with a chance to destroy weaponry (based on the weapon/armor involved), or inflict a wound. The bidden can take five wounds before death. Particular items and victories heal wounds, and there’s a heal up when the bidden completes its task.

* the command interface:

* cardinal movement only
* use boon, ‘x [direction]’
* pick up or manipulate, ‘ [ctrl + direction]’
* cancel or main menu, ‘[escape]’
* confirm, ‘[space or return] ‘
* switch active boon, ‘[shift]’
* wait, ‘.’
* scroll message history, ‘ [pageup or pagedown] ‘
* command help, ‘?’
* bump to attack or open doors (maybe open doors is configurable)

* a list of achievements (tasks completed)

* a victory file

* a death file

So….probably way too ambitious! We’ll see.


4 comments so far

  1. Pacian on

    That sounds really cool. Good luck with this!


  2. roguewombat on

    Sounds good. I dig the “behind the scenes” look in the notebook. Glad to see other people still plan with pen and paper… I was just doodling in mine yesterday afternoon while trying to study for a term paper. : P

  3. georgek on

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. @roguewombat, yes, I really can’t beat pen and paper no matter how many fancy outliners and editors I download ;D.

  4. Dana on

    Ooo — I like this concept! Looking forward to hearing how the game goes.

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