Bidden 7DRL

It’s the inaugural post for my 2010 7DRL. My first 7DRL attempt, and my first attempt at a complete roguelike. Here we go!

In typical fashion, I’ve just created the home site for Bidden before there is an actual game!


3 comments so far

  1. roguewombat on

    I’m entering for the first time, too… not expecting to come up with a complete game, but will also be using WordPress to track progress. I’m just too busy to give it more than a few hours this next week. :-/

    Also, I love the MUD resources you posted recently! I’d never heard of jMUD but am quite familiar with jQuery. Awesome to see it put to use this way… now if only I had time to admin a MUD, too. 😛

  2. georgek on

    Good to see you entering — I just read your Brogue post the other day through my WP tag surfer link actually, I enjoyed it! Playing the Windows port of it is on my list.

  3. roguewombat on

    Excellent. I hope it works out. I have half a mind to port it to FreeBasic (compiles natively to Win / DOS / Linux) just to see how he’s building dungeons. I really like how he does… well… everything. : P

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