What we talk about when we talk on RAIF

Amid a little Inform 7 drama lately on RAIF I started to wonder how much of the conversation there actually is taken up by Inform 7. For those among my vast readership not familiar with RAIF, it’s the Usenet group for talk about writing interactive fiction.

There seem to be hints that Inform 7 may create its own forum for discussion, so I also wondered about the effect on RAIF of moving I7 discussion somewhere else.

I just browsed through the last month of topics (basically December) and categorized them as follows: Inform 7, TADS, design talk, meta (talk about RAIF), interpreters, community (competitions and the like), calls for game testers, and the convenient other. The results:

According to Google Groups stats there were 784 posts in December 2009 (I’m guessing many of these are spam). Was December an anomalous month in terms of number of posts? In general, no. Here’s the table:

The high count in November may have been from IFComp.

As soon as I get my horde of winged monkeys to tabulate all of 2009, I’ll report back.

Anyway, it’s always been obvious that many of the RAIF posts were on I7, but I never realized just how much. It’s not really a huge percentage in terms of the whole newsgroup, but it dwarfs each other category individually.

I wish there were some more numbers available, like how many active posters there are…a man can only dream I guess.


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  1. Jacqueline on

    Thanks for posting this. I look forward to your update. This has all been a little frustrating/interesting to watch from the sidelines, but I really don’t feel up to jumping into the fray. Fortunately, some very sensible people have been braver than I, such as Eric and Jeremy.

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