Maiden Desmodus’ new client

And it’s pretty:

I think they just need to make the text area a little bigger, and probably enable hideable toolbars and status bars. Definitely raises the bar for anyone serious about an enjoyable mud client experience.


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  1. Matt on

    Oh did my comment get eaten because it contained nothing but a link? Bad Akismet!

    Anyway, ask and you shall receive, or something like that:

  2. georgek on

    Nice Matt, personally I like that a lot more. Good candidate for a config option :D. So the difference there is about 12 characters width of type in the output pane?

  3. Matt on

    It’s not a lot, about 50 px extra width on the main window, but I think it looks better balanced that way. I don’t think it’s worth adding it as a config option to the client, instead what I will do is try and get a full size version which will fill a browser window so the user can resize it as they want. It just requires some fiddling with the interface in order to get it so the text window scales and the rest of the interface remains fixed.

    I made the original to fit an 80 column width because by default nakedmud formats all room descs that way so it made sense to stick to that width. However now I’ve gotten rid of that there’s no point restricting the width of the client, and given that we’re quite a “wordy” game the extra screen space definitely makes a difference.

    You can toggle the line wrapping on the server so it’s still there for anyone who might need it. I decided against making the wrap width configurable as that’s something the client should be doing IMO.

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