The IGF cometh

The IGF main competition entries are up, bigger by a third than last year (which was bigger by a third than the year before apparently). Will it be bigger and badder though? Such remains to be seen, but there definitely were some that caught my eye:

7 Nights: “”7 Nights” shows that a quality AAA-style 3D first person shooter can be deployed on the web and could be created in about 7 MB.

This is also the first videogame in the world that was created and tested while on public transportation (Seattle Sound Transit Routes 545 & 577)”. Represent!

78641: “Saluton!! GZ Storm is now proudly to present – 78641 – the classic Esperanto-language adventure game now playing first time in Language English!!!”

A Slow Year: “A Slow Year is a collection of four games, one for each season, about the expereince of observing things. Played on the Atari Video Computer System (aka Atari 2600), the game invites sedate observation and methodical action.

A Slow Year is a kind of videogame chapbook, a set of “game poems” that attempt to embrace maximum expressive constraint and representational condensation. The game will be available for PC and Mac in a custom Atari emulator, and for Atari as a limited edition cartridge and poetry set.”

Achron: “Achron is the first “meta-time strategy” game. It is a real-time strategy game where all players can simultaneously travel through time, change the past, preview the future, and send their forces through time to when they are needed.”

ARGH: Augmented Reality Ghost Hunter: “ARGH is an augmented reality game that lets you use your Ghost Goggles to discover ghosts in your actual environment.

Players collect different ghosts located in physical locations all over the world. Explore the REAL WORLD and experiment with the time of day and time of year to discover the phantoms that share our space.”

Good lord I’m not even out of the a’s.

edit: Too bad, no parser IF this year. Looks like a few games you could call IF though.


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