off the mud wire: MiniBoa and playing Maiden Desmodus

UPDATE: Jim has moved the development of MiniBoa to its own project source; find it here.

MiniBoa, a minimal Python socket and telnet package

Jim Storch, author of the in development BogBoa, has kindly packaged his socket and telnet modules into a minimal, Python, single-threaded asynchronous telnet server called MiniBoa (think SocketMUD), much to my own delight! The cool thing is, as far as I’ve found, MiniBoa is the first such package to be made available in Python. Up to now your choices were to strip out something from an existing codebase, or use something like Twisted — which is great, but for learning purposes not the best for people like me. Not only is this a good learning tool but if you want to start writing a mud in Python for fun this is a great solution for the networking side.

Maiden Desmodus

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing Maiden Desmodus with my first character — the first time in a couple years probably that I’ve done more than just login to a mud to chat or check a place out. As I’ve found MD suits my casual drop-in play very well, aided in no small part by its Flash client, but also by the somewhat episodic nature of the gameplay. Every other day or so I can drop in and complete a task (a quest in other words, usually a fetch or kill task but sometimes something more involved). Skill progression is time-based on a decreasing power curve so this also encourages playing at the front of the curve if you don’t have a lot of time (or money, as MD allows you to buy skill progression blessings). Anyway, my physician is level 5!

The game itself is quite fun, and as a pleasant surprise does most of the things that I personally like in a mud. The world is well done and not filled with generic races or silly fantasy names. Its setting is a refreshing mix of dark medievalish fantasy and more Elizabethan to Victorian era stuff (quite a broad cut I know but I like that sort of thing). The skill and guild system is interesting, and the combat is on the shorter and less spammy side thank God. The players also seem to be a good group on the whole. So while I don’t see myself putting a whole lot of time or money into the game right now (maybe if I had started playing ten years ago), it’s definitely worth it to keep playing my character (give Caturige a shout if you see him!).


2 comments so far

  1. Jim Storch on

    Hey Idealiad,

    Thanks for the plug and I hope the code is working out for you. I noticed the other day that I’m still appending ‘\r\n’ to everything passed through Telnet.send(). You probably want to edit that if you’re passing partial lines.


  2. georgek on

    Thanks for the heads up Jim, and thanks again for the code!

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