saving part one-and-a-half (a roguelike in Python…#7)

I knew there was a reason I liked Python. In the last post I was going back and forth some on the readability of pickled files, so later tonight I looked a little closer at the PyYAML module. All I needed to do was change the pickle function calls to yaml function calls (as in, change pickle.dump to yaml.dump — that’s it!) and the files now look like this:

brain: &id001 !!python/object:__main__.Brain
  fov_map: 9773936
  - !!python/object:__main__.Fov
    brain: *id001
    fov_map: 9773936
    fov_radius: 8
    light_map: 9773904
  light_map: 9773904
  speed: normal
name: player
speed: normal
x: 32
y: 16

Of course I don’t know very much about the differences of pickle and yaml at this point (I knew I liked yaml from earlier exposure to it in some mud codebases) but this file format is at least looking much more to my taste!


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  1. fogonwater on

    I had not considered using yaml. The resulting file format is very useful during the development phase. Thanks for the tip!

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