More 7DRLs: Domination and Dungeon Minder

I’m really loving the 7DRLs for how easy it is to get into them.


Domination sets you and AI-controlled team members versus other teams in a capture the flag game. You have two slots from which to cast spells, and spell refills are never in short supply. This one is less of a roguelike in a traditional sense — really a topdown RTT game — but is fun for a quick play. I think it’d be great networked.

The 7DRLs friendliness — like just two spells to keep track of here — is of course partly a limit imposed by the structure of the 7DRL. But I really feel that it’s not only possible but important to think about taking this into the structure of a larger, longer game.

Dungeon Minder is really cute and entertaining. You’re a faery accompanying a hero as he despoils a dungeon in roguelike fashion.


I don’t know if this was planned, but I like how you as the faery get more moves than the hero — you can flit here and there and it really emphasizes the nature of the character.

As a counterpoint to spells in Domination, you get nine spells in Dungeon Minder, and they’re actually not laid out in a simple way (not a complex way either, really). I was a little confused at first why the spell types don’t map more directly to the spell keys (instead of spells of like type grouped together on their keyboard directly, the mapping feels more random, like the dev wanted you to stop and think what spell was on what key).

Unfortunately I was not such a good dungeon minder:


Dungeon Minder uses libtcod, and you can see the BSP partitioning for the map creation in action. I have to admit I don’t like the look of the map — and single cell width corridors seem especially weird looking. It looks like I’d want to rough up the BSP map a little with some post-process filtering of some kind…


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  1. Pacian on

    Ah, I keep forgetting to check these out. Thanks for the reminder…

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