I’m sorry, forgive the title. It’s very late and I just finished DDRogue (link to zip).


The majority of roguelikes I’ve played — maybe all of them? — use bump attacks. Basically you run into things to attack them. DDRogue brilliantly revises this mechanic, reshaping it into something new.


As you descend into the dungeon, you find pieces of your past, and remember special combat moves you were trained in. In a fantastic piece of cinema (for a roguelike anyway, though I’m reminded of that Crysis demake) the game shows you how to perform each move, which involves maneuvering around and through your opponents in specific patterns.

These patterns introduce a flow to roguelike combat that elevates it way above the usual bump and grind. It’s quite brilliant.

Maybe symptomatic of the 7DRL, there is a lack of content in DDR — mostly the same enemies and a few too many dungeon levels — but the game revives itself toward the end and definitely is worth playing through. I ran through on easy (with lots of potions) and Tupp wasn’t ever in any serious danger.


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