Decimation is a fun light-hearted puzzle-roguelike.


It rather reminded me of the mini-games in God Wars 2, and I suspect you could use this mechanic equally well in a RPG or tactical game with some dress-up of swords and sorcery or laser guns or what have you. The basic idea is that you’re the number zero, beset by the monsters one thru nine. Each monster has properties of speed, strength, and perception either inversely proportional or proportional to its number designation. It’s a simple but effective set of rules. The only downside is that on a simple playing board, it’s easy to get either swamped or take out monsters one-by-one depending on the starting conditions. There’s not much in between it seems.

In the RGRD thread there were some good comments on how to add to the game.

Right, I didn’t mention how you go about taking out monsters — it’s with these symbols: +, -, *, /! It’s almost too perfect — a tightly constructed little roguelike puzzle game that’s quite replayable. I’m not sure if a similar game already exists, but if not I think this concept could really build an audience.

It’s time for some decimation!!



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