adventures of Tuppens: Chickhack

You are a young chick warrior from your village. A terrible drought has caused all your village’s crops to dry up, and there is a risk of famine! So, your village elder asked you to search for the fabled Sacred Grove in the distant mountains, where the Seed of Life is rumoured to lie.


Things were looking pretty good for Tuppens. He had a good stock of sharp twigs, two dozen petals on his magic rose, and a magical beak. He entered the Sacred Grove…and before he knew it he was the sliced turkey in an Eagle and Elemental sandwhich.

It was a good effort.


Chickhack is the incredibly charming entry by purpleflayer into the recent 7 Day Roguelike comp organized at RGRD. Like other roguelikes with honed and evocative gameplay, Chickhack does a lot with a little, and should be a lesson for any roguelike developer. The only place where it falters in my opinion is in the repetitiveness of its level design, but in a 7DRL I imagine you need to prioritize. Every element of this game reinforces the theme and setting, and the economy of its command set is really refreshing in comparison to many roguelikes.

In a sense the repetition of the levels works to the game’s advantage in the 10th level, a wow moment for me — play the game, it’s short enough, and you’ll see what I mean.

Note that you’ll need a c64 emulator to play the game — the developer recommends VICE which I found to work well. You might want to double the speed in the VICE options menu, else movement in the game might feel slow.


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  1. purpleflayer on

    Thank you for the nice review! I am glad you liked it. By the way version 1.1.2 is now available, with some small fixes. Unfortunately I did not deal with “slowness” as yet; it is an ongoing problem.

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