I was….eviscerated

From the mind of Pacian, author of Gun Mute among other games: Into the Mind of the Sky Spiders.

“It was five years ago,” she began. “At the start of all these troubles. There was turmoil and danger of a less pernicious but more overt kind than you’ll find today, even in Circhester. It would be several years before Kirkham would unite Fortress City; armies were still abroad, fighting as best they could, or just looting. And, of course, there were the Sky Spiders too. In any case, without going into specifics…”


“There was an occurrence, and, for want of a better word, I was…” She cleared her throat. “Eviscerated.”

“But you survived?”

“After a fashion. My uncle was close to hand. I’m sure you know already, but he was – still is, indubitably – the world’s foremost designer of mechanised war machines. Faced with my broken body, he repaired it. The only way he knew how.”

She placed both hands either side of her, revealing the ragged hole in her bodice. Behind it, her stomach was of smooth and polished metal. “So now,” she said, “I’m half woman, half tank.”

“And the way you move?” I asked, carefully.

She pinched the sides of her hoop skirt and lifted the hem of her dress so that I could see. “Caterpillar tracks,” she explained.

I stumbled onto this serial and it’s quite entertaining, check it out.


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  1. Pacian on

    Heh. Thanks. It’s just a little weekly writing exercise. 🙂

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