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The second lo-fi recording experiment: “Game Writing 101”, InPrint at Richard Hugo House.

About the Panelists

New York Times best-selling writer Eric Nylund is the author of “Halo: Ghosts of Onyx” and other novels; he also writes for games such as “Gears of War.”

John Sutherland has written for games including “Mind Aerobics,” “Go” and many Microsoft games such as “MechAssault 2,” “Asheron’s Call 2,” “Shadowrun” and the “Mass Effect”; he also writes poetry, fiction and screenplays.

Panel moderator Melanie Henry’s first video game was “Pong.” As an editor at Microsoft Game Studios for the last seven years, she’s worked on such games as “Gears of War” and “Counter-Strike” for the original Xbox.

[InPrint at Richard Hugo House]

Thanks to Leslie Howell of InPrint at the Hugo House for putting together this group of Microsoft game people, who threw down an informal introductory rap about what it’s like to write for games in general, and AAA titles in particular. There’s ongoing Q&A during the discussion, with Melanie Henry posing questions every so often. Eric Nylund answers first in part one.

I haven’t got around to annotating the tracks yet but hope to do it soon — almost two hours of discussion! All I did in Audacity was amplify the tracks between 10-14 db., and go through with the envelope tool to bring down some of the spikes from coughs, knocks, laughter, etc. I need to find some way to quickly do that without losing the dynamics of the live sound.

Highlights were the 12 year old (? — hope I guessed your age close enough man!) who owned the Q&A, the man with the Q&A buzzwords (who managed to work in auteur theory, ludology, and agile development into I think four questions), and the title of this post, courtesy of a quote from Eric Nylund in reference to a certain film.

Each part is about 30 minutes.

Game Writing 101 (part one)

(part two)

(part three)

(part four)


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