The IF should be 40+ hours of meaningful play — whether you serialize it or not.


Character customization and credible ‘systems’ (such as combat and magic — though not necessarily these systems in the conventional sense) must be in place. However I’ve seen enough of ‘you hit the rat for 5 damage’, and ‘the rat bites at you and misses!’, not to want to program that into a game. Alternatives might be based on systems such as Spellbinder or the Way of the Tiger gamebook series.


The work should be open-ended in play, not a railroad.


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  1. Victor Gijsbers on

    Sounds a little like the thing I’m working on.

  2. kooneiform on

    I remember reading a little bit about that on RAIF, Victor. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Victor Gijsbers on

    It’s not going to be 40+ hours, though. I’ll settle for 10. But hey, don’t expect to see it in 2008.

  4. kooneiform on

    Yeah, maybe 40 hours is a little crazy.

    I’m about to start the beta test for Aaron Reed’s Lacuna, which is supposed to be a huge game; it’ll be interesting to see how long that plays and what the experience is like.

  5. Victor Gijsbers on

    Yeah, I signed up for that as well.

    I recently played some Oblivion and Red Alert 2, and that really brought the message to me: better 10 hours full of stuff happening than 100 hours of boredom wrapped around 20 hours of stuff happening. Red Alert 2 is a very short game, but is also very quick and a load of fun. Oblivion, on the other hand, it is SO boring.

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