lists now!

It so happens that I’m horrible at keeping any kind of list or ledger. Grocery list? Forget it. Balance a checkbook? In my dreams. This hasn’t stopped me from endless iterations of trying to keep lists. The joke here is that I also have a pretty lousy memory.

Anyway, you know what they say, rage, rage, and all that. Sometimes I think my sallies at list-making will, one day, catapult me into a golden age of perfect recall, or at least a list for every occasion, where I’ll never again forget a date, name, the book I read last thursday, or the author of the book I’m reading now (which just happened the other day).

I’m trying to keep a couple of lists here, of games I’m playing and books I’m reading. I won’t even try to keep them totally up-to-date, but instead I’m hoping they’ll grow by gradual accretion to record a history of what I’ve played and read lately. Already I’m starting to circumvent these lists, playing games and reading books that I’m not playing now — the horror! We’ll see, for example, if Lost Pig is still up there next year, like my Playing Now figurehead.


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