What are the possibilities for expanding the meaning of the ‘interactive’ in IF? For engaging our bodies, home, street, city, wilderness with the digital, playable text.

I’m thinking of something like a mash-up between Text Rain, cell phone tours, or audio tours in general, things like Jen Southern’s work, and other soundwalk audio tours.

However I want to be careful not to forget the other half of IF in this equation — the ‘fiction’. And for some reason I can’t identify yet I emphatically don’t want to turn this into a typical ARG, though it’s not that I don’t find ARG’s compelling (notwithstanding I’ve never played one).

What I’m imagining instead is somehow — through, I don’t know, ‘magic’ let’s say — releasing a game in which you simultaneously play the game in text and your physical environment. Either by going through a series of locations or staying in one location.

Disregarding the technical challenges of such an approach for the moment — is this even what I would want out of a game? It could be incredibly disorienting, unimmersive, tedious, distracting.

It seems like a given it would have to play on a mobile device as well, and to be truly mobile, not a laptop.


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