Zoom and Gargoyle on Ubuntu

After some screwing around I finally have Zoom and Gargoyle running on Ubuntu 6.06. All is not perfect, still getting some weird errors here and there. For example, in Gargoyle I can open Galatea, but not Deadline Enchanter (both .z5 files).

Zoom was pretty easy to build from source with Jam. Gargoyle is a little trickier, but I got a lot of help from RAIF and particularly Eric Forgeot with his helpful comments, and installed his package. Still can’t build Gargoyle but after grabbing some SDL libraries (libraries is what you call them, right?) I was good to go.

Of course, how silly it was of me to think I would have the nice Zoom Mac UI in Ubuntu! Maybe there’s some other option I can turn to for that.


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