Quiet please (part one)

Live! straight from the…

from far away

The first time I saw the design for the Central Library, man, it was ugly.

I eventually came around. By the time of opening day, when I volunteered and got a half hour of crowd-free blissful wandering through all the floors, practically alone, I was hooked.

not so far away

I go to the library all the time, so this was my natural spot for my IFComp in Public (IFCP) day.

However I got a little too ambitious, and in attempting to sandbox an IF playing account on the ubuntu set up on my old laptop I spent way more time installing, compiling, and configuring then actually playing any IF. The sandbox is on the right.

up close

And I still can’t get Gargoyle to compile.

Anyway, I’ll work on this for the next IFCP day (November 10th). Meanwhile I’m up here on the top floor. It’s about 4 o’clock and the light is starting to come in over the sound, you can just see it down Spring street. There’s the library hum, every so often someone coughs or drops a book. Hey, that just happened. Different footsteps, shuffling feet, heavy feet, squeaking feet. A lot of tourists. Sometimes the floor shakes when someone walks by. The area I’m in is elevated, must be some kind of floating riser.

the game I am kind of playing right now is pretty good, Lord Bellwater’s Secret, at least so far.


It has a nice way of opening the game even though it’s infodumping all over myself.

About this IFCP thing. Of course I’ve been having mixed feelings about the whole deal. The whole public/private line. Nevertheless it is pretty fun. I may have a strange sense of fun, I don’t know. I may end up doing this more often just for the hell of it. It does fit with the library so well, everyone here as I type this, doing their own thing in this public square/private headspace. I do quite like the idea of sandboxing an IF account and putting it on a desk with the sign, and just seeing what happens.

Interesting thing with the new IFDB announced by Mike Roberts — you can almost get a good survey of the active users on RAIF by watching the registered users count go up on IFDB. During the early beta it was steady at about 12 users — after Mike announced it shot up to about 50. These are the most active people on RAIF, say, about 40 people. The count slowly has climbed, currently it’s at 83, so another 30 people or so have trickled in over the last few days. Maybe these are people who don’t read RAIF every day. So we have about 70 active on a day to day basis. What percentage of the active RAIF users is this? Or of RAIF lurkers for that matter?

Oh well, got to do what we can before the sun burns out.

close enough


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