why can’t little Susie read?

After busting around some bricks today, we stopped at a bagel shop for lunch (whose owner, outta Brooklyn, claimed the best bialis in town…just don’t move to Seattle for the biali, OK?). There in the P-I I read this article by Cecelia Goodnow (is that her real name?):

Teens buying books at fastest rate in decades.

Pull quote: “”We are right smack-dab in the new golden age of young adult literature.”

However the article mentions:

the recent gloomy update from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which found that 12th-graders nationally scored lower in reading in 2005 than in 1992, with scores virtually unchanged since 2002.

Declines were seen at all levels except the top 10th percentile of students — the teens who presumably make up a good share of the book-buying public.

But remember that reading assessment is not cut and dried — how accurate is the NAEP update? What’s clear is that kids are reading more books, and kids who read turn into adults who read (until they have kids, I guess, and have no time to read).

How many kids are playing IF? I know quite a few kids play muds, but IF seems closer to YA literature than muds — most muds, anyway. Maybe this is a prime time for an IF author to write and market a YA IF. I wonder how well the YouTube and MySpace kids would respond to it…if this article is any indication, maybe the response would be pretty good.


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