exit IF, enter MUD

Sometimes muds and IF advance like phases of different moons, at one point I’m ruled by one or the other. After playing Karinth for a while (why don’t I check — 75 hours, to be precise), I applied for a builder bit and so right now I’m deep into area design.

This means my IF game is on the back burner for the moment. If everything goes as planned I should be back on it next month. It does mean I’ll miss Spring Thing though — such is life — but Greg Boettcher did just announce that the deadline for Spring Thing has been extended, so why not give it a go if you can?

But I’m really getting into the area I’m building for Karinth. I have a few ideas about level flow and layout I want to try, see what happens. Also it’s always fun to push mob progs as far as they’ll go. It’s times like these I wish there was a fun ROM-like mud coupled with a full on IF language like TADS 3. Or why not I7? That would be a trick.


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