I’m caving in

Yes, I’m caving in…not forcing myself to play each and every game all the way through. Does it make my experience of IFComp less pure? Honestly I think it does, but I just don’t want to play some of these games after the first dozen or two commands. Talk about hitting yourself over the head with a hammer over and over. And over. And…you know. A guy hasn’t got all night to play IF, even at comp time.

16 more games. Foolishly I played fewer inform games early on and now I have a big herd of inform games to play (many I7). There is an unappealing sameness to many of these games, the descriptions, the pseudo-mysterious|irreverent intro, the lack of pacing and action.

IFComp entries should be pre-screened for quality. I don’t know how this could be done fairly.


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