how far

33 more days of judging, and 30 more games to play. I did take a little break the past couple of days.

There’s a thread at TMC about (the lack of) innovation in text muds. You know what they say, graphics are the new text and everything.

Talking about the lack of innovation in text muds is like saying…I don’t know, some people in the thread make it sound like RC car enthusiasts are gettin reallll creative lately, and mud programmers are just so faded. Or that it’s only text muds that aren’t innovating, and uh, all the MMORPGs are so cutting edge?

However I do see a rift between something like text muds and the hot indie game dev community that seems to be throwing out ideas left and right. That’s where all the kids are these days I guess. It’s not that there aren’t some very smart and creative mud developers out there, they just don’t seem to be actively viraling their thoughts in more than a couple of places…well, one place, I can only think of MudLab. Mud-Dev seems to be dead. Perhaps there are others.

Graphics are the new text…I wonder if it would be worthwhile to combine a text game with something similar to the new networked books…throw in some IM. Whenever I think of that it feels like such a cop-out, like the lemon foam to the meat-and-potatos of real text muds and IF. We’ll see.


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