Inform 7 Public Beta….whoa dude.

The much anticipated (by the IF community anyway) Inform 7 is officially in Public Beta:

So far the comments in fall into three camps: “I can’t get [abc] to work with [xyz]”, “yeah this looks neat but it’s really not that great”, and, “dude….WTFOMG!!!”

Here’s the direct link to the download site:

And an interesting discussion at Brass Lantern:

Also the hot from the presses SPAG has an interview with two of I7’s authors:

My initial impression from reading the inform-fiction site is that the interface looks nice, the rules-based language might be way more powerful than people seem to think, and the compiling, indexing, and publishing tools look great, almost as if this is a ‘modern’ way of writing IF that draws on the programming experience of the last 25 years. Personally I’m going to continue learning TADS3 and soon embark on learning I7. Always good to be multi-lingual, and who knows what interesting synergies will develop between an object-based language like TADS3 and a rules-focused language like I7.


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