Areas without room descriptions

At the recent MUD-CON V I asked (somewhat just to be provocative, I admit) if mud areas need room descriptions.

To highlight:

Ide says: Rumble, I agree this topic basically has run its course. But what I’m wondering is if mud builders think, ‘OK, gotta write the room descs now..’ and are missing some possibilities for new game play in muds

Rumble says: to me the real question is what is the best way to get a story across without wasted writing. And that leads to minimal room desc, more interaction with mob/obj via scripting. More interaction.

Ide says: Yeah, that’s the goal I shoot for

I’d like to work on a mud project where it was not a given that every area has room descriptions, but without fundamentally changing the game play it just might be too much of a shock to players conditioned to the norm.


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