RP: you or your character?

Opinion: after the IC/OOC paradigm shift of the 90s the idea of ‘your character’ has settled into stasis.

While many players make a distinction between themself and their character, most people prioritize their wants and needs when making character decisions that really shouldn’t have anything to do with them. ICA=ICC was a reaction to this — is it enough?

It seems that where muds-as-games are lacking is in the code that manages character actions outside the realm of combat, magic, and crafts. Mudlab again comes through with the interesting discussions:


Obviously my bias rests on the side of muds-as-games where your character is an object, or if you want to be less game-like, you are the ultimate actor. For some reason I find this to be much more interesting than playing a character as a shadow extension of yourself. Even if the character is a two-headed vampire paladin, I find that in most games a player really decides how a character acts based on their personality, not the (two-headed) character’s.


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