OK, according to The Mudconnector there are:

47 Star Wars muds
37 World of Darkness muds

And from MUSH Warehouse:

27 World of Darkness muds
Derivative SF muds: 41
Original: 9
Derivative F muds: 37
Original: 22

Creating a mud is a lot of work. However a lot of that work is done for you when you base the mud off of an existing theme. Obvious so far, right?

When you play say a World of Darkness mud, what you learn there is going to apply easily to another World of Darkness mud. So maybe you play more of those muds than any other.

Notwithstanding that part of the reason people make ‘original’ muds is to get away from pre-existing themes and notions, wouldn’t it be cool if a group of five new muds got together and decided to share much of their work — the code, game mechanics, maybe even parts of news and help files. Maybe one game would be fantasy, another sci-fi, another horror — but they would all draw from the same base. It wouldn’t be a new codebase in and of itself exactly, because five people building off of a ROM mud would basically be doing a simplified version of this, or a new complete set of game mechanics, but more like a pool of common resources. The five muds could have completely different codebases for that matter. Wouldn’t that make creating the mud much easier? Would players from one game transition easily to the other, and perhaps one game would draw players to another game that they might not have looked at otherwise?

Commercial mud companies do this already, so why couldn’t free-to-play muds do it?


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