putting the IF in MUD

One obvious way of including IF in a MUD is treating the IF like a quest, a specific part, even a modular part, that a PC takes action on. So the PC needs to go to some location or find an NPC.

A less obvious method that has occurred to me is to treat IF as integral to a specific scene or set of actions. The closest analogue I can think of is a CRPG cut scene, but since I generally dislike the use of that term I’m not going to repeat it. Instead just call it something like inline IF.

For example, two PCs are talking or fighting. Or a PC is crafting, or moving through some difficult terrain, like a desert, or attempting a difficult manuever. The PC receives a option to enter an IF mode, that is less mud-like and more IF-like in its options and presentation. In this way mud quests can be freed from location specificity. I hope to elaborate on this more in the future, we’ll see.


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